Thursday, April 21, 2011

Change a Lightbulb

Picture by Marco Michelini

Sow on a button. Hang a picture. Tighten a screw.

You get the picture. There's an endless list of little chores that are so often left undone. Mine usually involve sowing on buttons or darning socks. My husband is the one who takes care of fixing tables and chairs (we live in China, things tend to come apart more quickly here than in other countries!).

To avoid a heap of chores, I try to convince myself to just do one thing. It only takes a minute, and the little tasks add up in the end.

Choose a task that you know will only require a couple of minutes. Something that's been bugging you, or has been in your 'to fix' drawer for months. Just take it out, gather what you need, and spend the few minutes fixing it. After that, be sure to enjoy the thing you've just fixed. If it's a pair of socks: wear them! I don't care if it's 100° outside (though you might). If it's a light bulb, turn on the light (for a short while, after that, remember to go green again). 
If, after this, you feel you can keep going, by all means do. But, and this is important, don't force yourself! Otherwise you'll only be building a resentment of the activity, and it'll take so much longer to change that bulb again next time.

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