Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Change Your Clothes After/Before Work

Picture by Piotr Lewandowski

I have a different mind-set when I work or when I play. You probably do too, naturally.
For me, enforcing these different roles in my life so I can fulfill them to the best of my ability (yes, the role of 'player' is just as important as the one of 'worker') is very important.

I help myself get into each of these 'zones' by changing my clothes when I go from one to the other.

There are some clothes you only wear at home. Am I right? There's probably a baggy sweater, an old t-shirt or a pair of stretchy pants that you feel super comfortable in. When you get home from the office, you could feel instantly more relaxed by taking off whichever work outfit you're wearing.

This works especially well for people who work at home. You could help get your mind into 'work-mode' by changing into clothes you associate with work. It doesn't have to be a suit, but I do suggest you choose something you would be comfortable leaving the house in. Clothes don't only make the man, they also make the mood.

An added advantage is that your work clothes stay much cleaner. You're not eating grilled cheese dipped in ketchup on the couch in them. That is one potential threat already avoided!

Do you change your clothes when you get home/stop working? Do you feel different when wearing different types of clothes? Share all below!


Angeliki said...

This year I'm working mainly from home and I've started wearing "work clothes", instead of my pajamas as I used to. I love that because I can wear anything I like which help me stay creative and true to myself when I'm working. However, I don't change clothes when I finish work...maybe that's why I keep working all day!

Jorinde Berben said...

I just love to change into pj's or something really comfy after I've done all my chores, and relax with a book or movie. It really helps me unwind.

Thanks for the comment!

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