Thursday, October 20, 2011

The "Right Time" Will Never Come

There is no such thing. The 'right time' does not exist. Sure, you may have had those moments where everything just clicked: the work went great, you felt like you were exactly where you were meant to be, everything just happened naturally. But I bet your own mind played into it much more than you realise.

Waiting around for the right time can be a great excuse to procrastinate when you don't feel like starting a task. The typical movie-example is of a character waiting for the right time to tell the truth, which of course always backfires because by that time, that character's already been lying for so long it doesn't really matter anymore.
The idea that a single moment is better than a whole lot of other ones, and that we should instinctively be aware of this one moment, is a useless and paralyzing notion. Waiting around is a waste of time. The only time we ever have is NOW. We don't have yesterday anymore, that time has come and gone. We don't have tomorrow, that time will be ours later (or may not be, you never know) and it can never be ours this very moment. So the only time you ever have to do anything is right now. 
That makes right now the only right time you will ever have.

Are you postponing an important task? An annoying chore? A vital decision? Don't wait around for any other time but now. Make the most of the present moment and use it to the best of your ability. 
And that's my cue to get up and get to that pile of clothes to iron that's been waiting for me to decide the time is right.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Great post!
I find I can tackle any job immediately if I set a time limit - I only have to do it for five, ten or fifteen minutes. I set my timer and go for it.
More often than not, I finish with minutes to spare. Obviously the job was not the big deal I thought, and there was no reason to wait for the right time.

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