Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spreading Christmas Cheer!

Picture by Stephen Durham
It's the tinsel-carol-jingle time of year again. My absolute favorite holiday. But I'm spending it in a country that doesn't care so much about it. So how do you get into the Christmas spirit when others around you don't care so much?
Find others who do. Spend your time with people doing something very Christmas-y, like caroling or making sugar cookies in cute Christmas shapes. 

Decorate. Use some lights, cut out some decorations if you don't have any, in short make the room more express the Christmas cheer for you. 

Watch a Christmas movie. My favorite is Love Actually, always gets me in the mood for Christmas. 
Listen to Christmas music. They can get on your nerves sometimes, sure, but those good old classics will definitely set the right tone. 

Read a Christmas story. A first one that comes to mind is 'A Christmas Carol', but there are many more. They're hart warming and a great way to get into the giving spirit yourself.
We've just moved to a new apartment that doesn't have Internet to await the time when we will move to the US. Until that time I won't be able to update (end of January, probably).
Hopefully you'll find plenty of other blogs to keep you busy, and I promise to get back to blogging as soon as possible!

Happy Holidays!

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